Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Parts by Tedd Arnold


First, his hair started falling out. Then skin started peeling from his toes. Some stuffing came out of his belly button, and a piece of something gray and wet-his brain?-fell out of his nose. Is this normal? Or is this boy coming unglued? With a perfect combination of humor and grossness, this look at one boy's farfetched fears will have readers laughing their heads off!

The Elliott Review:

This book is good to use with older kids to activate memories from when they were younger and had strange beliefs about the way the world works (ex. the moon was following them). The poetic words flow in a sing-song way that keeps everyone engaged. The way the text is arranged allows for students to predict what might happen. This also allows for a discussion of emotions in children and adults. The illustrations are also excellent. They keep the humor moving right along.


  1. Funny cover... sounds good...I'll have to check it out!

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  3. My son's K-1 teacher read this to them the other day when I was volunteering in class, and the kids really liked it. They kept giggling. :)