Monday, December 13, 2010

The Books of Pellinor Read-a-Long: The Riddle Discussion Questions

Yesterday I caught myself up on the discussion about The Naming, and today I'm posting some questions to help us discuss the second book in this series - The Riddle. These are good questions to think about when drafting your own “discussion” post. Take a look below to see if you can incorporate any of the questions into your review/discussion post so that we can all see/review each other's thoughts.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the discussion, you still have a chance! Each month, on the 15th we will have a “discussion post” with a link-up on either this site or the idea woman herself, Danielle from There's a Book. As it stands now, there are only a few others participating, but we'd definitely love to have more people join as we read a long. There is also the opportunity to win free books involved, so it's worth it! Miss this month, but want to participate next? No problem! The winner will be selected at random from all of the discussion posts submitted. You could even catch up with your posts like I just did.

Here are the discussion questions for The Riddle:

1. Did you think the transition from the first book to this one worked? Why or why not?

2. How do you understand the actual riddle that Maerad has to solve? What do you think the solution is (if you haven’t read the entire series yet)?

3. Were there any parts of the book that you particularly loved or disliked?

4. How do you feel about the developing tension between Cadvan and Maerad?

5. How did Cadvan’s death scene affect you?

6. What do you think about the Pilani people where Maerad meets her aunt and cousin?

7. How do you find Maerad’s interaction with the Winter King?

8. What do you think about the book’s ending?

That’s all the questions for this months discussion! Check back on Friday the 15th of October to read responses as well as link up your reviews of The Naming by Alison Croggin!

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