Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Peas and Bananas: Outside with Lil Boo by Daddy Bookins; illus. by Dania Piotti


Experience A creative journey through the curious eyes of a little boy playing outside. Follow Lil Boo and his imaginary friend, Onote, from the letters A to Z in a fascinating rhyming adventure.

  • Pub. Date: December 9, 2009
  • Publisher: Booklocker.com, Inc.

The Elliott Review:

I couldn't wait to review this book because Lil Boo is what I call my nephew. This book is definitely sure to be a hit with younger kids. All of the things that Lil Boo encounters outside - animals and wild life - are things that younger kids love to learn about and discuss. 

The whimsical rhymes that follow the alphabet are something that toddlers will love to repeat later. There are many silly words that are fun to say. My favorite "characters" were the June bug and the owl. So cute with the most adorable rhymes to go along.

The pictures are simple with lighter colors but with details that are funny. They are extremely cute and would grab youngers' interest easily. I can foresee this being a book that my nieces and nephew ask to be read again and again.

Source: Thanks to Daddy Bookins for providing a copy of this book for a fair review.

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