Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Book Loving Dog

I don't really have anything amazing to post today, but I decided to show you a picture of me and my beloved dog, Rusty. Although he is definitely not the smartest dog in the world, he does like to hang out with me while I am reading. This picture was not in ANY way posed. I was reading, he jumped up near me, and my husband just happened to be standing by to take the picture of Rusty's craziness. This dog is so weird, but at least he has a clue that books are cool. He likes to sniff and/or lick tour books that come through...

What about you? Do you have any crazy book/pet pictures???


  1. Cute! It looks like you are reading to him.

  2. I wish my dog loved to read with me. Instead, he flips out every time I turn a page. He's so skittish that any sudden movement freaks him out. Thus, I unfortunately have to kick him off my lap when I'm reading.