Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In: Bloggerly Beginnings

I have a question for you:

Why did you start blogging?

I want to hear from YOU (if you're looking at this and you have a book blog, I'm talking to you) ...

Did you want to meet authors, get free books, share your opinion??

How long ago did you start blogging?

Do you find that your expectations of blogging have changed in some way??

If so, how is your blogging outlook different now from what it was when you first started?

My answer:

I started blogging thinking that it was going to be easy. I reasoned that I am a fast reader so I should be able to just read and read and read and have all the time in the world to post my thoughts and opinions on my blog. Simple, right?

And when I discovered that so many authors are gracious and would respond to interview questions, I was elated. My childhood self who died and went to heaven when Ann M. Martin sent her that typed up letter about how I should follow her dream of writing was like, "WHAT? It's that easy to contact an author?" I just had this notion that authors were these unapproachable rockstars, and it was great to find out that, while they ARE still rockstars, most of them are very approachable!!!

So I went about accepting review requests like a kid being offered free candy in a candy store and my pulse raced every time I came home from work to find a lovely new package of some sort on my doorstep. ARC tours and blog tours? Sure!! Why not?!?! Poor postman...

Anyway, eventually summer ended and the real life of teaching and work began, and I realized that what had started as a summer hobby really took up enough time to account for a part time job with a lot of hours. Still love it? Yes... But I have to be wiser about what I accept for review and think smart in terms of when to review books. I've learned how to request ARCS and review copies and all that, and I still have to use wisdom there and decide which kind of books I want to review and who I want to feature and what is worth doing and what is not.

It's overwhelming at times; just like anything else I have to try to balance it and not be too obsessive (still working on that one) But I love interacting with other bloggers and promoting awesome books. I feel that I am learning a lot about the publishing industry, which was one of my goals in the first place. I
So-- back to you!!! What has your experience been???


  1. I wanted to blog about books because I didn't really have anyone to discuss them with. Also, writing about the book helps me "digest" it and remember it. I wanted to see what other people have to say about books.

    I started my "book" blog last September. I blogged about books and other things on a different blog, but not as seriously.

    I was surprised about how much "other" stuff there is besides book reviews. Memes and author interviews and giveaways... they're all fun, but I enjoy the reviews the most (and I feel I'm in the minority.) All the discussions about negative reviews, and whether we sell books or not, etc. -- that stuff is so serious -- I never dreamed.....

    Getting free books is awesome, but it's not why I do it. I try not to get too "hung up" on how many followers I have... I never thought I'd have many followers, so I've already exceeded my expectations. I still try to remember the original reason I did this... to write and read about books.

  2. I've started blogging just a few months ago and I'm lovin' it!
    I had been flirting with the idea of blogging for a while, but never gave it too serious thought. Until one day, when I read a fantabulous book that it was so good it made me cry and I needed to talk about it with someone ASAP or I was going to explode. I went to my sister, she rolled her eyes at 'me and my obsession'. I turned to my roommates, they laughed at me, 'chill, it's just a book'. OMG I was feeling like pulling my hair out in frustration! So I thought: You know what?whatever, who needs any of you? I know some people who would be happy to talk about it. So I wrote my first review and gushed about that book with some other bloggers... Bliss!:)) Then came more books, more gushing about them... And the rest is history.
    I didn't even know at the time that you could read ARCs or talk and interview the authors or anything. It's still a little overwhelming for me. I just wish real life would give more time to read and blog!
    And just like you, I'm starting to learn a little about the publishing industry as well.;)
    (Sorry about the too long comment, but this is my story.)

  3. I've been blogging for about three months now. It started as a personal project. I just graduated from college, and I'd spent the past 4.5 year avoiding books. But, I've always loved books, so this fact made me sad. I decided to blog to re-jump start my love for books!

    I don't get ARCs or free books unless I win them in a giveaway. And I probably won't be totally up to date with new releases, but I'm okay with that. I just want to be obsessed with reading again!

    The only downfall about this is I am a really slow reader. I wish I read at lightning speeds like other bloggers. I don't know how they do it!

  4. I started blogging about a month ago or less so I'm still pretty new. I actually didn't know that you could contact authors, get arcs and stuff until about a week ago. I just thought it was the coolest thing to share your opinion about a book you read.

    I actually started getting into reading just this school year so I was really eager to constantly read. I decided to make a blog on a no school week so it was way easier to blog and read then. Unfortunately there's a lot more school work now and not enough time to read and blog.

    My expectations weren't i guess high because I wasn't sure what i was getting myself into but I found myself really liking book blogging :D

  5. I would say I got into book blogging because I'm always looking for places to talk about books. I can't really talk about them with friends and family because we don't all read the same books. So I started my blog because I love books and chatting in general.
    I started blogging about 7-8 months ago and although it does take up a lot of the limited free time I have I do enjoy it. I just love to hear what others are saying about a book or the great interviews. Plus I have gotten to go to book signings and be in contact with a few authors and that is amazing.
    Now I understand a big more about the blogging world and I learn more every day. I just want to keep growing my blog and finding new ones to follow that share my love of books.

  6. I started blogging because I needed a balance to my hectic/stressful life. Little did I know how much work was in store for me! I've loved reading all my life and although it is more work than I expected, I love every minute of it.

    On top of that, I feel like I am part of such a great community. People are so nice and thoughtful and I feel like I'm making so many friends. It is becoming much more than I ever expected.

  7. I started blogging as another way to share books with my 7th grade students. I figured if they saw it on the blog they might be more interested because it was on the internet. Silly but honestly it has worked! Now I have my students involved some by writing some reviews for the blog.

    I've met some authors becuase of blogging - becuase I'm more aware of when they are coming in my area and who they are.

    I enjoy blogging even tho it takes a ton of time!!!!!