Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: How to Survive Anything by Rachel Buchholz


Let's face it. With school pressures, social pressures, parental pressures...the teenage years are tough. Your best friend is with you one day, dating your crush the next. But it could be worse! You could be face-to-face with an angry grizzly, or chest-deep in quicksand. Never fear, National Geographic has the solution! In this hilariously informative take on surviving the trials ortf middle school and the jungles of South America, we combine our expertise on nature and adventure with the fun-and-learning approach of our Nat Geo style...and voila, the perfect advice to conquer any obstacle, whether it threatens life or social status or both. Edgy, young, authoritative, and amusingly illustrated, this title will grab the attention of young teens and gift-buyers alike


To be published April 12th 2011 by National Geographic Society

The Elliott Review:

This is another book that I know my students will love. It's another one that will have to be place on my "special" shelf to insure that no one steals it. I expect it to soon show evidence of much love as have my other National Geographic titles. With interesting pictures and a magazine-like layout that draws the eye, it is a great book for students to grab and instantly become engaged in after finishing work or just for fun on their own.

It showcases thirty-one situations that kids/teens might experience and takes a humorous tone on how to survive and/or save face if a particular thing happens to them. Taking on the form of a guidebook, it shows a funny picture that illustrates the "Right" and "Wrong" thing to do in each situation and then goes on to explain how to deal with the situation in question. I found these hilarious and immediately went through the book and looked at each one. This is yet another way the book could easily draw reluctant readers into an exploration of the text to see additional details.

A fresh, humorous approach to the angst of growing up, this book will help kids to have fun making fun of themselves (and the people in the pictures) while at the same time learning some skills that can help them through tricky life situations.

Source: Thanks to Tracey at Media Masters for providing a copy of this book for a fair review.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks great! Thanks for the review--will add it to our library wish list (just doing the "fun" wait on what our budget for the year will be)