Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra's Last Hope (Kailmeyra 1) by Elizabeth Isaacs


If Nora Johnson hadn't been on campus she would've never known her destiny. Helping her friends move, Nora meets Gavin Frey. His touch unleashes a power within, and she's now captivated by his presence.

But he's not who he claims to be.

And there are others. Others who fear the power of love, who haunt her dreams. Others who want her dead. Is she strong enough to survive?


Published January 31st 2011 by Elizabeth Isaacs, via Smashwords

Available: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords

The Elliott Review:

The concepts in this book are an elegantly conceived love story. When Nora meets Gavin, she is stunned by their otherworldly first encounter. As she comes to know him and those like him, she learns of a connection that can exist that is intensely spiritual and emotional as much as physical. The pure, light-filled passion that exists between the two of them keeps the reader interested in what will happen to their celestial-like love, wondering anxiously how they will be able to become one.

The power of love of all types resonates throughout this book as well. The energy forces that exist between the people of Kailmeyra are not just important as far as emotional intensity is concerned - their rightness and wholesomeness matters, as well. Selfishness and deceit have drastic consequences, and the connections forged between all people are of utmost importance, the energy of certain decisions having far-reaching consequences. Nora must stay true to herself and her origins as well as to her beliefs as she navigates this strange new world.

This book is different from many others in its genre in that the ideas contained within it are somewhat abstract, elegantly conceived, and very thought-provoking as well as intense.

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