Saturday, January 28, 2012

In My Mailbox: ALA Craziness...

I was really excited to be able to go to ALA Midwinter last weekend! I was able to go to the annual conference in New Orleans this summer, so it was fun to attend here in my very own Dallas. My main partners in crime were my sister, Jackie (My Tower of Books), and my crazy bibliophile teacher friend, Tara. Since I'm currently pregnant and having joint pain issues, I was not sure how this would go for me. I definitely knew I didn't want to punk out, but I just had no idea how I would hold up.

Due to teachers having to work till unsightly hours, we arrived a half an hour after the exhibits opened on Friday night. I was about ready to kill something waiting in traffic, but we did happen upon some great reads that night and I saw a few blogger friends, including Arena (The Nerd's Wife) carrying her super-uber cute little baby around!! :)

On Saturday, we somehow still managed to be a little late, but again - this was a great day. We saw tons of our favorite bloggers, authors, and ... books! By this point, all the carrying of heavy loads around was starting to wear on me, but I really never noticed until I sat down. Like a person high on some substance, I had no clue about the pain because I was in such an altered state of mine (high on books, not drugs). I got to hang out with Kari (A Good Addiction) and her friend Kelly along with some other bloggers and the fun/crazy Mary Lindsey! I had to leave early this day to go to a wedding in Granbury, but I still had a lot of fun. In the end, it was probably good I didn't stay longer than I did.

This morning, my sis and I arrived bright and early, got some great books, looked around at some stuff, and then decided that we both probably should be elsewhere. The walking and carrying had finally taken its toll of me, so I left and came home and passed out for a while!

Take a look at what I got!!!!

Thanks to all the amazing publishers who provided these awesome books and to the publicists and other employees who put up with a huge barrage of bloggers with a mostly wonderful spirit... We really did our best to try not to annoy anyone.


  1. I was so great to spend a little time with you!

  2. Whoa. That looks... overwhelming. But AWESOME.

  3. Wow, look at that swag pile! I'm so jealous of all you guys who got to go to ALA, but it sounds like such an awesome time. Thanks for sharing your stories and I hope you "recover" soon!


  4. I am glad you had a great time and were able to get so many great review books! My pile is a little overwhelming, but I will get through it - one book at a time! :)

  5. Sad face I'm probably the only Dallas blogger who didn't go

  6. Oh my! That's one amazing load of awesome. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I really wanted to go but couldn't make it this year...maybe next year. Enjoy all of those amazing goodies. :)

  7. Looks like you've got enough books to keep you reading for at least a year! And cute, Ryan Gosling. :)