Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tot Tuesday Review: How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Mark Teague


Ho! Ho! Ho! With more than 9 million books in print, America's favorite dinosaurs can't wait to celebrate Christmas!

From decorating the tree to wrapping presents, little dinosaurs love to celebrate Christmas-and everything about it. With ornaments on the branches and carolers singing at the door, the spirit of Christmas is finally here and filling the hearts of families everywhere. But when the stockings are hung on the chimney, and the cookies are left out for Santa, how can little dinosaurs go to sleep? It's so exciting! How can they possibly calm down and behave?

Children will laugh out loud as dinosaurs secretly lick candy canes, take sneaky peeks at gifts, and disrupt the traditional family feast.

With holiday surprises around every corner, the award-winning team of Jane Yolen and Mark Teague create an engaging, fun gift sure to be read again and again, year after year. How do dinosaurs say Merry Christmas? The same way they say Happy Chanukah: With an abundance of love, joy, memory, and gratitude.


Published September 1st 2012 by The Blue Sky Press  

The Elliott Review:

This quirkily beautifully illustrated book walks kids through the events that they might likely encounter during an typical Christmas season and helps them learn through the examples of the dinosaurs. Of course, dinosaurs do NOT do anything the wrong way, they do everything the right way and have a great time doing it. 

This book provides an opportunity for parents to teach kids appropriate behavior along with having fun seeing the dinosaurs being silly in both bad and good ways. This book will be one that kids will want to read again and again so they can take in the fun illustrations.

Source: Thanks to Scholastic for providing a copy of this title in exchange for a fair review.

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