Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Catherine by April Lindner


A forbidden romance. A modern mystery. Wuthering Heights as you’ve never seen it before.

Catherine is tired of struggling musicians befriending her just so they can get a gig at her Dad’s famous Manhattan club, The Underground. Then she meets mysterious Hence, an unbelievably passionate and talented musician on the brink of success. As their relationship grows, both are swept away in a fiery romance. But when their love is tested by a cruel whim of fate, will pride keep them apart?

Chelsea has always believed that her mom died of a sudden illness, until she finds a letter her dad has kept from her for years—a letter from her mom, Catherine, who didn’t die: She disappeared. Driven by unanswered questions, Chelsea sets out to look for her—starting with the return address on the letter: The Underground.

Told in two voices, twenty years apart, Catherine interweaves a timeless forbidden romance with a compelling modern mystery.


Published January 2nd 2013 by Poppy  

The Elliott Review:

This book is extremely well-written. If you know nothing about Wuthering Heights, the perfectly crafted characters and the intriguing mystery are interesting in their own right. If you do know (in my case, love) Wuthering Heights, the modernized story contrasted with the original is just mind blowing. April Lindner has ingeniously engineered a story that just feels so close to it in spirit as well as thematically.

Chelsea's tale of searching for her mother frames the compelling mystery, as she tries to locate her or at least find out why she disappeared all those years ago. She gets to know the moody, mysterious man known as Hence and must determine the relationship he had to her mother. She enlists the help of Hence's employee, Coop, and the two go digging for the truth despite Hence's violent intensity toward the idea.

Interspersed with Chelsea's search is Catherine's tale, revealed to us as Chelsea reads her mother's diary. In it, we see passionate love unfold between Catherine and Hence and painstakingly, helplessly watch as it all goes wrong.

I loved getting to enjoy the story of one of my favorite classics in this re-imagined way. I love the fresh way that these characters live those themes, making it almost more heartbreaking than the original. I will probably have to re-read this again soon.

Source: Thanks to LBYR for making this title available via Netgalley.


  1. This sounds really intriguing.

  2. I haven't read Jane yet, and now I have to put this one on my list too! Thanks for the enticing review!

  3. I own a copy of Jane but never got around to reading it. This book does sound good though and I will probably have to give it a shot.

    Thanks for the great review! I'm so happy you found a book that was so special!