Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: 8 Reasons Your Life Matters by John Herrick


"If I were to disappear, would anybody notice?" 

Each of us has asked that question in dark, honest moments. 

In his first nonfiction book, 8 REASONS YOUR LIFE MATTERS, bestselling author John Herrick combines personal struggles with biblical insight. Injecting eight chapters with humor, memoir moments, and a postmodern perspective on life, Herrick shares eight reasons your life matters: 

  1. Your Life is More Permanent than Your Struggles
  2. God Sees You Differently than You See Yourself
  3. You Have a Destiny
  4. You are Remembered, not Forgotten
  5. You Were Someone’s First Pick
  6. Your Absence Would Leave a Permanent Hole
  7. People Need to See You Overcome
  8. You are Loved and Valued 
Eight solid reasons to give life one more chance. Eight reasons your life matters.


Published April 15th 2014 by Segue Blue (first published January 1st 2013)

Available: Amazon | The Book Depository (affiliate links)


As a Christian and a lover of words, I find this book to be supremely inspirational. John Herrick is an author I share much in common with, especially the desire to tell good stories that come from a place of my own personal faith while also making sure to keep the story as realistic as possible so that it could touch anyone of any faith or opinion.

I am really looking forward to reading several of Herrick's fiction books I have missed out on so far, but I am very happy to have my own copy of this book because it, again, is a wonderful Christian testimony that, at least to me, does not feel in any way preachy or harmful. He is speaking from a place of his dreams and aspirations through the lens of his worldview, which is what I feel like most people do.

This book has been truly a godsend for me with recent struggles in my life, so I am really thankful that this book is out there.

Source: Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this title in exchange for a fair review.

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