Sunday, February 22, 2015

TBR Pile: Waking the Dead by John Eldredge


There is a glory to life that most people-including believers-never see. In this insightful new book, John Eldredge presents the heart as central to life. Not only is the heart essential; the heart God has ransomed is also good. Building on these foundational truths, Eldredge shows readers why real Christianity is a process of restoration, where the broken parts of our hearts are mended and the captive parts are set free.

"Waking the Dead" leads listeners to understand how to live from the heart, care for their heart like the treasures of the kingdom, and give from fullness instead of emptiness. This message also shows how living from the heart can energize people to love God and others in a way they've never experienced, revealing to them life's purpose: fighting for the hearts of others. 


Published July 22nd 2003 by Thomas Nelson

Why I Want to Read This:

Throughout my college experience, Eldredge's Sacred Romance was another book that helped me understand what a relationship with God looks like in real life. Some legalistic voices in the Christian community often obscure these facts from view, making it hard for those seeking to live as God commands to see how God's commands aren't just annoying rules and laws but - a good thing. His Wild at Heart was extremely helpful in understanding God's purpose for masculinity just as Captivating (written with his wife Stasi) helped countless women understand how valued they were by God. I am interested to see how this book envisions a heart truly alive for God.

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