Monday, March 2, 2015

TBR Pile: If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern; illustrated by Brinton Turkle and June Otani


If you lived in colonial times
--What kind of clothes would you wear?
--Would you go to school?
--What would happen if you didn't behave?

This book tells you what it was like to live in the New England colonies during the years 1565 to 1776.


Paperback, 80 pages
Published May 1st 1992 by Scholastic Paperbacks

Why I Want to Read This:

I was fascinated by colonial times as a child and wanted to wear the full dresses and bonnets and be all proper like those brave individuals were. My how things have changed. Anyway, I can't separate my concept of this time in history from that of war and struggle. The Patriot is a movie that we watch at my house on almost every patriotic holiday available. I think of the Declaration of Independence, of Paul Revere and his courage and much more. There are so many poems, primary sources, and other works of fiction that can help teachers and parents communicate these truths to their children. The interested reader will find that this time period is a hard one to look away from.

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