Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: National Geographic Little Kids Book of Dinosaurs by Catherine D. Hughes; illustrated by Franco Tempesta


Explore the rain forest, the ocean, and the icecaps with this personalized guide for your animal-lover! National Geographic Little KidsBook of Animals is a colorful introduction to some of the world’s coolest creatures. From blue morpho butterflies and red-eyed tree frogs to tigers and polar bears, this personalized guide is sure to indulge your junior explorer.

Each page features beautiful photos of the animal alongside quick facts about its size, diet, and habitat. Questions like “How fast can you run?” are woven throughout to keep your little one’s interest. 

Personalize this book with your child’s name, photo, and an encouraging dedication message to create a memorable keepsake. For a special surprise, check out the final pages, where your child can mark their favorite animal characteristics, then draw themselves as their favorite animal!


Originally published October 11th 2011 by National Geographic Children's Books

Available to be personalized: Hardcover $29.99 | Paperback $19.99 

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My Review:

This book has all of the quality and factual information that one can expect from all of National Geographic's Books. My son really enjoyed seeing it personalized with his name and picture. He loves dinosaurs as a four-year-old, and he loves more sophisticated texts about them. The fact that this book personally asks him questions by name made him get creative with his answers, more so than if I just read a question that was addressed to a generic reader.

The dinosaurs featured were portrayed in simple, yet very interesting ways with beautiful illustrations that capture the imagination. For example - a dinosaur that had something in common with the mythical unicorn? Sign every kid you know up for that! My son took a stick and held it to his head on our next walk claiming to be the Tsinosaurus!

This is a book I definitely recommend. It is a beautiful gift for any science-minded kid, one that they will come back to again and again.

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